Klar2O Solution

What is Klar2O´s filtration System?

Klar2O’s filtration systems are built upon a foundation of innovative technology aimed at providing highly effective and sustainable water purification solutions. At the core of Klar2O’s technology is the patented smart surface filter, which incorporates a unique biochemical adsorbing coating designed to capture a wide range of contaminants, including microplastics and PFAS, down to the smallest nanometer.

Klar2O filter - clean water solution

The key component of Klar2O’s filtration technology is the use of silica beads within the filter coating. Silica beads have a high surface area and are highly porous, providing ample binding sites for contaminants. These beads are coated with a specialized biochemical adsorbing material that enhances their ability to attract and capture pollutants, ensuring thorough filtration. Additionally, Klar2O’s filtration systems feature a flow-through design that does not require external pressure for operation. This allows for efficient and convenient filtration without the need for additional equipment, making Klar2O’s systems suitable for a wide range of applications, from household use to industrial settings.

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