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Klar2O is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to combat the growing issue of microplastics in drinking water

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The solution for microplastic filtration
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The solution for microplastic filtration
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The solution for microplastic filtration
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Smart Surface Technology

Innovative smart surface Coating with patented technology harnessing molecular forces for advanced pollutant filtration

Klar2o Smart Surface Tchnology

Pressure Free Flow

Coating technology enables filtration with minimal pressure

100% Filtration

Optimal filtration efficiency achieved with spherical configuration

Klar2o Smart Surface Tchnology

Flexible Design

The flexibility of the design allows the silica beads to be seamlessly integrated into any filter system

Patented Technology

Incorporating our patented technology for unmatched performance

Klar2O Adsorbtion Technology

Biochemically coated silica beads adsorb microplastics

Klar2o Biochemical coating
Biochemically coated silica beads adsorb micorplastics


Microplastic filtration with Klar2O incorporates sustainability, fostering a zero waste circular economy


Microplastic removal from our Smart Surface filter to regenerate our biochemical adsorptive coating for a sustainable reuse


Mikroplastic recycling involves utilizing these recycled particles, either repurposing them or biotechnologically degrading them, minimizing their environmental impact

Zero waste

Revolutionizing product lifecycles for a waste-free economy

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Klar2O production

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Klar2O filter

Flexible design allows filter to be integrated into any system

klar2o used filter icon

Used filter cartridge

Surface loaded with microplastics

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Filter media regeneration

Removal of microplastic particles from the Klar2O Smart Surface Filter

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Biochemical coating

Biochemical coated beads are regenerative, recyclable and reusable

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Cartridge refill

Replenishing the depleted silica beads with regenerated or freshly coated beads

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Microplastics are forwarded to partner companies for green recycling

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