Fight against microplastics in drinking water: more than one million euros for start-up Klar2O from investment company FMC

1 million investment in Klar2O

WHO warns about microplastics – Klar2O receives one million in funding

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns about microplastics in the environment, including in drinking water. To address this issue, Fähzan Ahmad founded the company Klar2O at Saarland University, developing a filter that environmentally removes microplastics from drinking water. An investment company from Bremen is now supporting Klar2O with one million euros.

During his studies in biochemistry and biotechnology, Ahmad discovered how body cells react to microplastics. In 2019, he founded his start up with the support of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (KWT).

The name Klar2O stands for clear water solutions, inspired by the chemical formula H₂O.

Fähzan developed with his team the third prototype of its filter, which removes micro- and nanoplastics from drinking water. „Imagine millions of tiny gripping arms that capture the microplastics while the water continues to flow,“ Ahmad explains. The Wessling GmbH has already confirmed the filter’s effectiveness, leading to the investment from FMC Beteiligung KG, which now provides an additional one million euros.

After certifying the third prototype, Klar2O plans to start mass production. Ahmad has already secured a water bottling company as a pilot customer and plans to expand the customer base.

Moritz Bender from KWT praises Klar2O’s success: „Water treatment is a huge market, and Klar2O will undoubtedly produce more success stories.“ The KWT supports founders and promotes the Start-up Campus Saar as a forum for exchange. The Donors‘ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany counts Saarland University among the universities with an „excellent start-up culture.“

With their innovative filter technology, Klar2O and Fähzan Ahmad make a significant contribution to protecting our health and the environment.

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